Letter from a prospective new member

Harbor View
Harbor View

  In looking for the ideal central Ontario location to moor our sailboat, my husband and I immediately fell in love with the picturesque marina in Hawkestone, Ontario. Hawkestone is a private Yacht Club on Lake Simcoe, surrounded by hills and forest on all sides, making it truly a gorgeous location be it from which to sail, or even just enjoy a serene picnic. With a relatively small number of slips and given the overall quality of this marina, it is not surprising that there is a waiting list of two to three years. Making this an even more discerning location, an executive committee has the final say as to who does or doesn’t become a member of this prestigious club.

If we were not transferred to Ottawa this summer, Hawkestone would have been an option to consider for the reasons listed above, as well as the fact that the driving distance from Barrie is about 20 min.

Overall, the Hawkestone members are friendly and genuinely welcomed us as we prepared our boat for transfer to Ottawa. We are looking forward to a few sunnier weekend afternoons in Hawkestone to wax our boat and then off to Britania we go!!

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