Ron Reid Memorial Race

The Ron Reid Memorial Race honours Ron Reid, who was a long time member of HYC.  Ron passed away suddenly on July 15th, 2014.   To honour his legacy and his love of sailing and racing, this annual race was created to remember him and other members who have passed…

This is a long distance race designed to get members out on their boats to maximize their enjoyment of sailing, just as Ron demonstrated to all of us.   Regardless of the winds, the race will pass HYC Mark B where Ron’s ashes were buried at sea nearby.

Race Winners:

2015 – Trumpet — Skipper:  Cheryl Reid
2016 – Lorna Doone — Skipper:  Colin Bolden
2017 – Sultana III — Skipper:  Les Galicinski
2018 – Kali — Skipper:  Howard Nasgaard
2019 – Sonas — Skipper:  Neil McLaughlin